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Deep discounts on glazed pottery

Styles and assortments are available in limited quantities. Take advantage of special pricing.

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Head Planters – Let Them Be Crowned

Long flowing tresses, succulents or dracaena spikes? These are just two ways that our head planters can be crowned? The limit is the gardener’s imagination! Head Planter1We are offering our head planters two finishes. Chloe and Franklin are finished in a Verdigris (mossy cement) color. Katherine and Anthony are finished in Alabaster (antique white).

Head Planters

Wall Art Specials – Save 15%

Wall Art Special – 2013

  • Hand made of woven steel and wire
  • Unique wire-mesh design Beautiful design for both home and garden
  • A delightful focal point in your garden or a wonderful gift
  • Suitable for hanging on wall or fence

Save 15 %

Please Call –  800-665-7675 for more details.

Wall Art Special-2013


Gnome Kids by Terrapin: Martyn & Fiona in a village

Gnome Kids Martyn and Fiona met in a village:

Gnome Kids, Martyn and Fiona, with their impish expressions and colorful clothing, bring charm to your garden. Hand made of durable polyresin with added UV paint inhibitors, our collection of twenty four 9-Inch little  gnomes includes pairs of a Mushroom boy Martyn and a Flower Girl Fiona. This delightful assortment of unique little gnomes, made to appear as though they were made of chiseled wood, is certain to bring charm and whimsy to any garden.
Martyn : The Mushroom Boy
Fiona: The Flower Girl

gnome kids

 Gnome Kids Key Features:

  • Greet visitors to your garden with our charming and traditional “wood-cut” gnomes!
  • Made of durable polyresin with added uv paint inhibitors
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • A whimsical addition to your garden or a wonderful gift!
  • Made with care and of the highest quality


Cover Pot Pallet Promo: 2013

Cover Pot Pallet Promo: 2013

Introducing our new concept of decorative bulk Cover-Pots for seasonal events or gift giving. This product will be available in convenient pallets for ease of delivery and efficient handling.

Flowerpots can be bulk-palletized in a limitless range of glazed or matte colors. Pottery can be custom imprinted with your message suitable for production or set-in cover-pot programs. Flowerpots are available with or without drainage holes.


Maintaining your lawn

A beautiful lawn is easier to have and maintain than the professional lawn-care people want you to think. Sadly, their way of maintaining lawns is dictated by the fertilizer makers and not by grass know-how or science.

Don’t water your lawn too often. Over-watering can weaken your lawn by encouraging roots to seek the surface.

Lawns can survive long periods of dry weather if the grass is not cut too short.

Set your mower blades higher when you’re mowing in dry conditions – this lessens the likelihood of the freshly cut grass scorching from direct sunlight.

Leave the grass box off when mowing in summer – the cuttings left on the grass will protect the lawn.

Design your garden with hedges, trellises and trees. These naturally shady spots provide valuable protection from the sun for your plants and lawns.

Happy Gardening!!

New Pixies

Terrapin introduced “Pixie Pals” at the recent National Hardware show in Las Vegas in early May. Along with two Woodland Musician Gnomes, these add to the popular Terrapin Garden Gnome collection.
These adorable pixies – 3 gals and 3 guys with their leafy hats will complement any fairy garden.

Pixie Pals

They will come with an optional use metal stake. Available for Spring 2013!
Also willing to hang around any fairy garden are the Terrapin miniature gnomes.

Gnomes invade the fairy garden

These little opportunists will not hesitate to move in!